Taking the light with me

When i experienced the light of iceland, i knew and i felt what was to be my mission.
Painting the feeling or the experience of this strange and different light. The icelandic sky is filled with different colours than for exampl the Dutch sky.
It’s mystic and almost spiritual light, lights ordinairy life to another state of life. A different world in this very same world.
Anyway after half a year experimenting and struggling with pigments and approaches i managed to create the beginning of what was in my mind.
So this abstract work has taken over my figurative storytelling or language to speak. And though i had more abstract periods, this feels not as a period but a transformation and a new language.
And i feel so f..ing excited because i’ve never had a deeper and ‘out of the box’ mission in Art than this.
And i think this work is something you must experience and can’t be catched by a photo.
But anyway this proves it’s existence..



20160910_181023 20160910_181123

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